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Succeed acupuncture clinic case of fertility



Both patient and patient’s husband are in the age that is considered hard to get pregnant naturally. They failed from both IUI and IVF as the infertility doctor pointed out that patient’s HORMONES index level such as FSH and ESTRADIOL were too low to get pregnant. They were refer to our clinic last May. The HORMONES index level such as FSH and ESTRADIOL significantly improved as below after Acupuncture two times a week for four weeks along with Herbal medication two times a day for four weeks and Pregnancy Aid Pills ten Pills three times a day.  


HORMONES index level

Before treatment FSH 14.9 to 8.5  miu/mL(after treatment)

Before treatment ESTRADIOL 21 to 37 pg/mL(after treatment)


Besides, they also followed treatments suggestions strictly as

Take Basal body Temperature every morning; Take ovulation test for one week starting on day 12 of menstrual cycle; Have intercourse once a day for three consecutive days during ovulation

Take pregnancy test on day 28 to 30 of menstrual cycle


The patient got pregnant after the treatment last September and sent us a thank you letter

Today, they brought their 4- month -old son to visit our office. 


*** Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person***

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