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Acupuncture for Eczema



Before Treatment                              After Treatment


I have been suffering from eczema for over 10 years, often recurrent, from the face to the limbs, from the chest to abdomen, and almost every part of my body has suffered from eczema. They are initially bright red rashes in blotches, they gradually turn into a dark brown color, they are also extremely itchy, if i scratched them they would turn into ulcers and become infected, it was very painful. I have seen many doctors, and used a variety of drugs, there are oral antibiotics and steroids, then there are also topical steroid creams, although there are some results, but they always come back making it very hard to cure. Although increased significantly in recent years, there are now lots of rashes on my face, which makes me very sad. Then I found Dr. Chen, he treated my eczema with different methods. I feel that I really found a cure for my eczema. After nearly six months of treatment by acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, my eczema has basically been cured. Now it is almost one year without any relapse. Acupuncture for Eczema










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