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Uterus Fibroid/Ovarian Cyst

Uterus Fibroid/Ovarian Cyst




When I first came to see Dr. Chen in July, 2005, I had a "seroma" which is fluid or serum that has accumulated in a dead space in the body. On a sonogram the seroma looked like a 14 cm cyst! As a result of abdominal surgery I had in December of 2004, so much fluid had accumulated in my abdomen that it had pushed my uterus forward and to the left side of my body.


I also had a fibroid in my uterus that you could feel if you ran your hands across my stomach. It sat a good inch to the left of my belly button and was very hard to the touch. Dr. Chen suggested I come for acupuncture treatments twice a week for 5 weeks. I was also taking an herbal formula twice a day, 7 days a week. Within that short time period my fibroid got softer and the seroma began to shrink. I could actually feel my uterus slowly moving back toward the center of my body with my hands.


At the end of the first series of treatments I felt so encouraged by the progress we'd made that I signed up for a second series with Dr. Chen. Halfway through it, the fibroid disappeared altogether! My stomach was suddenly soft all over and you couldn't feel my uterus anymore. (After years of trying to have a "hard body" stomach I was suddenly overjoyed that it was soft and squishy.) The fluid that had been filling my abdomen had begun to be reabsorbed into my body.


Although I haven't had a second sonogram yet to tell my how much smaller the "cyst" has become, the change in what I can actually feel with my hands is enough to convince me that the fertility specialist who told my that acupuncture "wouldn't make a bit of difference in reducing the size of the cyst" could not have been more mistaken!


Daresha K.

New York, NY



Case # 0506005

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