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Motion Acupuncture for knee pain (Video Testimonial)

Dr. Decheng Chen L.Ac. Ph.D.


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A female patient, 54 years old, has suffered bilateral knees pain with limited range of motion for five years. Due to the cold weather, her knees pain has been getting worse since the last two months, which made her unable to bend the knees. It’s difficult for her to go up and down stairs. The pain was getting more obviously, especially when she came downstairs. She need carry the handle of the stairs, but was still unable to come up (down) the stairs continuously. The only way she can do is moving up foot by foot. The left knee joint gets heavy with any movement.


The examination shows that the left quadriceps are stiff and lateral vastus has numerous nodules, some as big as peanuts, some as small as beans; otherwise Pesanserinus tendon has tightness and hardness. The range of motion of both knees has limited obviously within only 30 degree. After she got two motion acupuncture treatments, the both knees pain relieved and the range of motion improved 90%. Now she can be continuously up and down stairs. The knees can bend in normal range. (See comparison of pictures before and after treatment).


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